About Freemason Artist Mason Tryst
About the Artist Mason Tryst

Who is Mason Tryst?

Mason Tryst is the creation of a Scottish born artist. Hailing from Lodge St. Leonard Loanhead and Lasswade 580. Mason is a professional photographer and structural surveyor.

The Mission of Mason Tryst

He ran his own photography business for years. He is now in pursuit of more creative directions. To craft out a unique perspective of the world. In his quest he has captured a collage of esoteric images whilst on his travels. Including masonic lodges. Mason Tryst is a peculiar aperture into his collection of artworks. Masonic philosophy is the central character of his work. He also writes about the masons. Musings of which can soon be found on his Blog.

Edinburgh is the perfect platform on which to lay the foundation stone of Mason Tryst. The city is the birthplace of Freemasonry. Housing the world’s first purpose built masonic lodge. Canongate Kilwinning No.2. A lodge which the bard Robert Burns visited. Edinburgh is host to the Grand Lodge of Scotland too. The heart of Scottish Freemasonry. And some may argue, of the world. Many of Edinburgh’s lodges date back to the 1700s. And there are some much older than No.2. Dating hundreds of years further back in time. These lodges were where the first lodge minutes in the world were found. Steeped in history there is inspiration everywhere. In time it is hoped that Mason Tryst will be rich in art and knowledge. As this is a masons wages. Lest we forget.

To learn more please explore the Masonic Tendencies. Browse the Gallery or check out the Facebook page for the latest posts. You can also connect on Pinterest and Twitter too. An online shop will come in due time.

We hope your stay is a pleasant one. And thank you for your interest. Travel well.

“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.” Gilbert K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 5 May 1928