About Freemason Artist Mason Tryst
About the Artist Mason Tryst

Who is Mason Tryst?

Mason Tryst is the creation of a Scottish born artist and photographer. Initiated into Freemasonry in 2006, at Lodge St. Leonard Loanhead and Lasswade 580.

Formally a successful wedding photographer for a decade. This resulted in forging a trusted Scottish brand. Similarly, clients booked from around the world and Mason soon gained an impressive portfolio from fifteen countries. Before long it would include household names.

An adept photographer, artist and designer. The creative arts is a clear vocation for Mason.

Mason’s Mission

To encompass my Truth, realise life’s purpose, and be guided by the intricate workings of the universe. All in pursuit of The Great Architect.

Visual art, enriched by esoteric teachings, reveals a parallax of Truth to the facets of reality. Moreover it casts a light on the shadows of falsehood. Despite this, it will soon drive to confuse those who pursue Truth without due consideration. Undoubtably this is a fundamental working of the matrix, and hope this knowledge serves you well.

Chiefly, a collage of images and sketches was captured while travelling in Scotland. Including landscapes, architecture and masonic objects. Mason Tryst is a peculiar aperture into this collection, which have been transformed into unique artistic concepts. Generally, masonic philosophy underpins the central character of work. In time, it is hoped that Mason Tryst will enrich seekers of universal knowledge. To do good unto others is a mason’s wages.

Alongside masonic art, there is a collection of Scottish themed art. As a result, Mason has enriched the portfolio exponentially. Reaching a wider international viewership.

There are also articles about the masons and other related topics to accompany each artwork. This gives a greater clarity and meaning to the art, and therefore enriching the viewers understanding. Musings of which can be found on the Masonic Tendencies.

Where Mason Tryst started

Scotland is the perfect location to lay the foundation stone of Mason Tryst. The country is the birthplace of Freemasonry. Housing the world’s first purpose built masonic lodge, Canongate Kilwinning No.2. A lodge which the bard Robert Burns visited.

Edinburgh is also host to the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the heart of Scottish Freemasonry. Many of Edinburgh’s lodges date back to 1700’s. And some much older than that, with Mary’s Chapel No.1 dating to 1599. Scottish lodges house the first confirmed meetings anywhere. Steeped in history there is inspiration everywhere.


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We hope your stay is a pleasant one. And thank you for your interest. Travel well.

“Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.” Gilbert K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 5 May 1928