Masonic art for the 21st century. Unique, inspiring and deeply symbolic. Mason Tryst’s artwork encapsulates the traditional philosophy of the Freemasons. Adhering to the principles of The Craft yet sailing against the winds of convention.



Masonic art takes a lot of planning and aforethought. The artist ensures each artwork is thoroughly researched and embodies the true essence of what is depicted. The artworks include contemporary masonic tracing boards and unfamiliar portrayals of masonic philosophy. It is a labour of love, which in itself is a masonic teaching.

The tracing boards are generally released in sections so that the details can be appreciated. Other works draw from inspirational ritual witnessed in Scottish lodges. The well-travelled mason will likely understand the esoteric meaning. But there will be articles in the Masonic Tendencies Blog in the near future to explain what each image represents.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the Masonic gallery. Please browse the Scottish gallery for some more unique art.